Security Information

At DeedVault we take your privacy and security seriously, which is why we only partner with known and respected providers to host and protect DeedVault.

Our partner companies invest millions of dollars every year to create the world’s most secure platforms which gives us the peace of mind that our data is safe.

DeedVault is hosted on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the largest Windows-based hosting platform in the world.  It is certified for hosting by a number of governments around the world, including New Zealand and Australia.

Read more about Microsoft Azure at 

Your data is encrypted from keyboard to storage

We use the same level SSL encryption as the banks to ensure data is secure in transit.  Read more about SSL encryption at

All data, including scanned or uploaded documents, stored inside the database is encrypted using 256-bit AES. So, in the very unlikely event that someone did get access to the hosted server, they would not be able to access any of the stored data.

Read more about MS SQL Security at

Third party authentication tool – Auth0

We don’t store your password on our servers.  We use Auth0 for all authentication.

Auth0 allows for abnormal behaviour detection.  For example, if you log in from Auckland and then 30 minutes later try to log in from Bagdad, the system will automatically suspend your account and email you about this anomaly.

Read more about Auth0 at

2 factor authentication

Part of the Auth0 application is the inclusion of two factor authentication. This means that to access DeedVault you need to know something (your password) and have something (you mobile phone). When you log in you will be sent a TXT with a code to your phone and will be required to enter the code into the application to log in for the first time from each new computer.